Bagashev A.N., Moskovchenko D.V., Razhev D.I., Poshekhonova O.Ye.

Chemical analysis of bone tissue with Narym Selcoupes

With a view to determine a diet structure with Selcoupes, the authors undertook a microelement analysis of bone remains. Composition formation of living organisms occurred against high water migration activity of Ca, Sr, Fe, Mn, and low water migration activity of Zn Ŕ Cu. An extremely low content of strontium in the bone remains of Selcoupes, together with a high content of copper and zinc clearly testifies to absolute domination of animal proteins in their diet. The conclusion quite agrees with the existing ethnographic data.

Narym Selcoupes, microelements, macroelements, diagenesis, diet, paleodiet.


Khokhlov A.A., Kitov Ye.P.

On anthropology of the early stage of Bronze Age in West Kazakhstan

The paper considers craniological data from burial grounds of the Yam culture on the territory of West Kazakhstan. Their comparison with paleoanthropological data of Eurasian steppes and forest steppes of the synchronous and past time shows the resemblance of the presented findings first of all with neo-Eneolithic crania from Kazakhstan steppes. The authors state a conclusion that certain basic morphological features typical for this Yam population could be inherited from the local ancient man populations.

The Yam culture, craniological complex, Neolithic and Eneolithic of Kazakhstan and West Siberian south, polymorphism, polytypism of ancient population from Eurasian steppes and forest steppes.