Liskevich N.À., Shubnitsina Ye.I.

Nomads of Big Urals: on nomadism routes with deer breeders of Polar and Circumpolar Urals in XIX — first half of XX century

The article considers territories of seasonal pastures and passages of deer breeders from Polar and Circumpolar Urals, describing principal nomadism regions in XIX — early XX c. Basing on projects of land use regulations, subject to consideration being grass lands of main deer breeding state farms in Beryozovo and Shurykshary Districts.

Deer breeders from Polar and Circumpolar Urals, Komi, Nenetz, Mansi, seasonal pastures, passages, projects of land use regulations.


Golikova S.V.

Funeral rites with Russians from the Urals in the middle of XIX — early XX century

Basing on ethnographic data, the article describes a funeral rite in the pre-revolutionary Urals. The diversity of its local variants testifies rather to the fact that the funeral ritual was subject to constant changes, than to its stable nature.

Funeral ritual, transitional rite, local traditions, religious notions.


Bogordayeva À.À.

Attribution regarding image of North Mansi spirit-the protector

The article describes images of Ali-Nyakhlang-ekva — spirit-the-protector of North Mansi, made of cloth rags and garments. Basing on historical comparative and typological methods, subject to analysis being a set of its ornaments and garments, specifying chronological limits of its existence and periods of formation.

North Mansi, image of spirit-the-protector, fabric, cloth, brocade, garments, traditional neck-and-chest ornament, beads, false plaits, metal stripes, robe, shirt, caftan, cut.


Klyuyeva V.P.

Distribution of Protestantism with indigenous minor peoples (by an example of Khanty-Pentecostals)

The article is devoted to Khanty who adopted Protestantism (denomination: Pentecostals — Christians of Evangelical faith). Subject to consideration being the biggest Khanty community in Russkinsky settlement (Surgut District, Khanty-Mansi National Region — Jugrà), describing methods of a missionary activity. The author analyzes reasons of the Khanty’ religious conversion, as well as mutual relations between the Protestant Khanty and those who practicies other religious concepts.

Indigenous minor Northern peoples, Khanty, Protestantism, Pentecostalism, missionary activity, change of religious concepts.


Tynysov B.A.

Settling of Kazakhs on the territory of Omsk Low Irtysh basin (late XIX — the first third of XX century)

Basing on archive data, statistical sources and field materials of ethnographic expeditions, subject to consi-deration being settling dynamics of Kazakh population from Omsk Low Irtysh basin, determining its principal stages, and showing a process of transition to a settled life.

Kazakhs of Omsk Low Irtysh basin, settling, administrative and territorial structure, tribal composition, volost organization.