Paleo-Geography and Paleo-Ecology

Laukhin S. A., Akimova E. V., Ovodov N. D., Drozdov N. I., Stasyuk I. V., Tomilova E. A.

Geological Situation of the Paleolithic Middle Pleistocene Camp Site of Ust-Izhul 1 (South of Middle Siberia)

The authors reference a detailed stratigraphic description and substantiation of the Middle Pleistocene Age regarding one of the three Siberian camp sites of Ust-Izhul 1 located in the plain area of the south of Middle Siberia. Analysis of fauna remnants and malaco-fauna from layers 25 and 26 to which the artefacts are confined, enables dating the first layer to the time of the Taz icing and the second layer — to the Shirtinsky interglacial or a long period of inter-stadial within the limits of the Taz icing. The authors assume that location of fauna and the camp site are connected with a driving-in type of hunting resulting in a number of corpses to be taken by the floods which is indirectly confirmed by the findings of the Middle Pleistocene fauna in the alluvium of 40-metres terrace down the stream from Ust-Izhul.


Semochkina T. G., Ryabogina N. E.

Palynological Stratigraphic Description of Mound 15 in Chistolebyazhye Burial Ground

The authors reference the results of spore-and-pollen stratigraphic analysis of mound 15 in Chistolebyazhye burial ground left by bearers of the Alakul culture of the Bronze Age in the northern part of the forest-steppe belt in the Tobol basin. The obtained materials lead the authors to conclude that state of nature in the time of the mound’s functioning considerably differed from the present-day natural state and approached to landscape-climatic conditions of the steppes.


Matveev À. V.

The Latest Data on Life-Support System of Cherkaskul Population in the Isset-River Basin

The article introduces into reasearch circulation results of paleo-carpological analysis regarding pottery of Cherkaskul settlement of Olkhovka in the Isset-river basin dated to the Bronze Age. Finding prints of wheat and barley on fragments of the pottery is in principle the first evidence proving acquaintance of the Cherkaskul population with agriculture though question of its role in the economy of the said group remains open.