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Sotnikova S.V.

Childrens burials with sets of knucklebones and a role of games in societies of steppe population of the Bronze Age

The article considers childrens burials with sets of knucklebones, represented in sites of the Bronze Ages from Eurasian steppes (the Sintashta, Petrovka, Potapovka, Alakul, and srubnaya ones). Subject to identification being two age groups with sets of knucklebones being of different purpose. Attracting a broad circle of ethnographic sources as analogies, the author comes to a conclusion on the early existence of  specific childrens sacral sphere which spread not only into the field of childrens things, but also into their games.

Sites of the Sintashta, Petrovka and Potapovka types, Alakul culture, srubnaya culture, sets of knucklebones, childrens games, a sacral sphere of life.