,   3 (26)  (2014)


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Morgunova N.L.

On character of cultural interaction between the population of Yamnaya culture from steppe Volga-and-Urals region and that of Afanasyevskaya culture from Altai-and-Sayans region

The article considers one of debatable questions in the archaeology of West Siberia the genesis of Afanasyevskaya culture. Subject to consideration being different viewpoints, placing emphasis on materials of Yamnaya culture from Volga-and-Urals interfluve. The author comes to a conclusion that the viewpoint on genesis of Afanasyevskaya culture from the territory of steppes of East Europe keeps its timeliness and finds justification in the latest discoveries.   

arly Bronze Age, Afanasyevskaya culture, Yamnaya culture, factors of interaction.