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Belich I.V.

Plan by Tobolsk land surveyor, 1806, or how he took the wish for the reality (on location of Yermaks grave)

The article focuses on the so called Plan from Atlas of Tobolsk province, 1806 by V. Filimonov, where both in the text and on the plan he points to Yermaks burial place by the former Begishevsky yurts, with reference to A description of Siberian kingdom by G.F. Miller. A critical comparison of an extract from that treatise with the text of the Plan detected a falsification in the source. It is subject to atamans grave, which the land surveyor imagines to be announced by Tartars. It was in this way that competent marks and signs appeared in the Plan. Thus, he took the wish for the reality. As a historical document, the Plan is of no value, though of interest for geographers. In 2014 archaeologists, relying on it, covered the same way as once did the land surveyor, who imposed them that very route which turned up after everything to be a false one: Yermaks grave was never found. An attempt to substitute memory place for place in the history has failed again.

Atlas of Tobolsk province, 1806, land surveyor V. Filimonov, Baish-aul, Begishevsky yurts, Yermaks grave.