Laukhin . ., Shilova G. N., Velichkevich F. Yu.

A paleobotanical description and paleoclimates during Kargino time on West Siberian plain

A revision of stratotypes' chronology with regard to strata of Kargino horizon using a uranium-thorium age method and an improved radiocarbon method showed that the strata containing climatic traces which are close to modern climate and/or a warmer climate, are of pre-Kargino age. As ever, within Kargino horizon subject to detecting being the strata to be shaped during three warming ups and two cooling offs. Nevertheless, during warming ups boundaries of vegetation zones shifted southward by 5080 km in the north, and by 300600 km in Surgut Low Ob basin, while during cooling offs by 100150 km, and by over 800 km, respectively. There arises a chance of giving a Kargino time event scale in full detail. The paper illustrates properties of permafrost development during Kargino time, specifying causes for a late settling down of North Asian plains, and in particular, of West Siberian plain, by Paleolithic man.