Bagashev .N., Razhev D.I.

Nadym fortified settlement, paleoanthropological investigation

The article is devoted to studying of the paleoanthropological findings obtained under the archaeological investigation of Nadym fortified settlement located 60 km to the north-north-west from the town of Nadym, Yamal-Nenets autonomous area, Tyumen region. Judging from their physique, the ancient habitants of Nadym fortified settlement functioning from late XVIth century to the early third of the XVIII century, being characterized by a clearly expressed Mongoloid look. In racial and genetic respect, the habitants of the fortified settlement were close to Siberian Nenets, and together with those, could be referred to the Yenisey variant of the North Asian race, the East stem. Among the taiga population, they were distinct as relatively tall. The habitants of the fortified settlement suffered from stomatological pathologies. The living in the fortified settlement stopped due to a local cataclysm. The Nenets Ś the habitants of the fortified settlement, died gradually, but the remained had no possibility to bury the bodies and put them into  their dwellings.

 Craniological series, postcranial skeleton, anthropological type, population, Nadym fortified settlement, Nenets, Khany, Mansi, Selkoups, Khets, length of a body, pathologies, traumas, sex-and-age composition.