Zakh V.A.

Natural resources of forest Tobol and Ishim basin in the Holocene (illustrated by Andreyevo and Mergen microdistricts)

Basing on modern hunting resources obtained from certain hunting entities in the south of Tyumen Oblast, located on the territory of two archaeological microdistricts Andreyevo and Mergen, combining both forest and wetland territories, as well as on osteologic remains from the settlement of Mergen 6, the author considers potential biological resources which could be used by the ancient population in the Holocene. By all appearances, du-ring the Neolithic and Early Iron Age it was fish constituting the basis of its food ration, then meat of big and small mammals, and birds. With the advance of cattle breeding, hunting and fishing resources gradually receded into the back ground, though proceeding to play a certain role in the economy, while hay and pasture meadows took centre stage.

Tobol and Ishim basin, Andreyevo and Mergen microdistricts, Mergen 6, natural resources, fishing, hunting.