Adayev V.N.

A review of the book «Man and nature in the Ob' and Irtysh North (1917-1930): historical roots of modern ecological problems» by Ye.I. Gololobov

Subject to analysis being a monograph by a Surgut historian Ye.I. Gololobov. The reviewer supposes that the author has managed to represent an entire picture of the regional history regarding the interaction between man and nature, as well as the formation of rational nature management and environmental protection in the first third of ÕÕ c. The book itself stays an important landmark in the development of a new direction in the domestic science — an ecological history.

West Siberia, ecological history, nature management, environmental policy.


Barykin A.V.

A review of the book: Schmidt V.A. In the light of personal knowledge of absolute truth: In two books / Templing V.Ya., Nikulina N.A,  Compiling, introductory word and comments.      

Subject to presentation being a review of a two-volume edition containing sources of personal origin, reflec-ting a biography, life creed and creative work of V.A. Schmidt a religious provincial thinker. The documents show his attitude to epoch-making events of ÕÕ c., debating with officially accepted doctrines, protesting against ideological tendencies of that time, defending immutable ethical principles, religious and ethical behaviour foundations and metaphysical notions. The publication is accompanied by a detailed introductory article and scientific comments. It is of great importance for studying history of the Russian Germans and individual strategies of  believers' behaviour under a total àntireligous regime.

Russian Germans, V.A. Schmidt, Soviet ideology, religious ethics, scientific atheism, correspondence, autobiography, individual protest.