Archaeological data on obsidian exchange in Northern Mesopotamia in IVIII mill. BC.

Ibragimova E.R. (Moscow, Russian Federation)


                      page 32–43


The article deals with a range of questions concerning obsidian exchange in settlements of Northern Mesopotamia. The chronological framework includes IV and III mill. BC (from Late Ubaid to Akkadian Periods). The first part presents the state of research of obsidian exchange in the Near East. Several topics are discussed: obsidian sourcing, models of raw material distribution and connection to specialized flint blades’ production and distribution. In the second part a more detailed data on obsidian distribution in settlements of Northern Mesopotamia in IVIII mil. BC is presented. Information on obsidian sources location is supplemented with parameters such as obsidian to flint ratio and its technological context. Tool and adornments production is revised. As a result different ways and forms of obsidian distribution are set in chronological perspective. The hypothesis on specialized obsidian and flint blade production and distribution is revised. Several sites with exceptional place in obsidian exchange were distinguished which were also connected with metal distribution.


Key words: obsidian, Ñhalcolithic, Åarly Bronze Age, Near East, Northern Mesopotamia.


DOI: 10.20874/2071-0437-2016-32-1-032-043




E.R. Ibragimova

Moscow State University, Lomonosovsky prospekt, 27, kor. 4, Moscow, 119992, Russian Federation