Transformation of the female space in the traditional Nenets culture up to the beginning of the XXI century

Nabok I.L. (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation), Serpivo S.E. (Salekhard, Russian Federation)


                      page 110–117


The paper addresses conditions and factors of transformation of the female space in the traditional culture of the Nenets of Yamal up to the beginning of the XXI century. It is noted that the impact of socio-economic and cultural transformations of the modern society contributes to the deformation of the traditional life supporting system and the penetration of non-traditional elements into the life of the indigenous population. The work is based on the data of the author’s sociological research conducted in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (Tazovsky, Yamalsky, Purovsky, Shuryshkarsky, Priuralsky and Nadymsky areas). Education is considered as one of the main factors of this transformation, in particular, an increase in educational level of women, leading to greater economic independence and a change in the position of the Nenets women in the family. Changes in ritual and ceremonial culture are studied as factors of transformation of the female space in the traditional Nenets culture, in particular, changes in the ceremonies of the life cycle (wedding and maternity ceremony), as well as interethnic marriages associated with intensification of industrial development of the Nenets traditional territories.


Key words: traditional culture, female space of a culture, gender approach, transformation, education, the Nenets, ethnic identity, status, interethnic marriages.


DOI: 10.20874/2071-0437-2017-36-1-110-117




I.L. Nabok

Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Moika emb., 48, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation



S.E. Serpivo

Arctic Research Center, Respubliki st., 73, Salekhard, 629008, Russian Federation