kshoky burial ground: a new monument in the system of Andronovo antiquities of Saryarka

Kukushkin I.A., Zhusupov D.S., Dmitriev E.A. (Karaganda, Kazakhstan)


                    page 48ľ56


In recent years, archaeological studies have covered a group of Fedorovo monuments, which demonstrate a źpure╗ line of development (Besoba, Sherubai-1, Bada, etc.). A multigrave structure 1 excavated at the Akshoky burial is one of these complexes. It consists of two rectangular fences penetrating each other and elongated latitudinally. Seven graves arranged in a line with remains of cremation are buried in the internal site. Key features of a burial rite of the Akshoky fence are similar to Fedorov antiquities of Saryarka and adjacent regions, they also reflect a combination of some essential features of the regional and common cultural scale: multigrave complexes (Sanguir II, Aishrak), paired boxes (Aishrak, Belasar, Balakulboldi II), construction of double fencing, including different construction methods which are known according to the materials of the burial grounds of Aksu-Ayuly II, Zhylandy III, Besoba. Simultaneous burials of many people are probably associated with exceptional circumstances of death beyond natural mortality. Perhaps, one of those reasons was some kind of military tribal clash, which is not contrary to the variegated cultural situation in Central Kazakhstan, where the complex processes of assimilation and integration at different stages occurred between the Petrovka, Alakul and Fedorovo groups of population. It is problematic to determine a specific chronological position of the Akshoky fence, firstly, due to lack of detailed periodization of the Fedorovo culture; second, because of the almost continuous robbery of the investigated graves in ancient times. It seems to the authors that the most correct decision is to accept a wide date range within the first half of the II Millennium BC, as it is evidenced by wide application of methods of radiocarbon dating of Fedorovo antiquities.


Key words: Saryarka, the Bronze Age, Andronovo antiquity, the Fedorovo culture, burial grounds, cremation.


DOI: 10.20874/2071-0437-2017-37-2-048-056




I.A. Kukushkin

E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, Universitetskaya st., 28, Karaganda, 100028, Kazakhstan



D.S. Zhusupov

Karaganda Regional Museum of Local History, Erubaev st., 38, Karaganda, 100000, Kazakhstan



E.A. Dmitriev

E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, Universitetskaya st., 28, Karaganda, 100028, Kazakhstan