Lar L. A.

Yamal Khaebyidya Ya Sacred Places in Yamal

The paper is written basing on the materials of field investigations of Yamal district, Yamal-Nenetz national region. The fulfilled works included as follows: investigation of operating sacred places, registration of cult places and burial grounds, making personal sketching of cult places and sculptures, making a map of sacred places and burial grounds, recording texts about sacred places, making video-shooting of the investigated places.


Povod N. A.

Initial Development Stage of the Northern upper Urals Basin by the Komi-Izhemtsy bazed on the Church Registers of the Beryozovo Okrug (late 1830s early 1860s)

The article describes certain aspects of  migration of the Izhemsky group of the Komi people into the North Upper Ural basin. For this purpose, the author attracted data of church registers of the mid-19th century from the Beryozovo Okrug. Subject to examination was a family structure of the first migrants, as well as dates of their appearance on the Beryozovo Territory. The author identified places of their registry, as well as routes and dates of their moving across the Okrug. Besides, certain aspects of ethnodemography were traced, such as birth rate, mortality rate, and choice of a nuptial partner. Basing on the quantitative  data, the author identifies priorities in relations of the Komi-Zyiryane with the Russians and the indigenous population of the Beryozovo Territory.


Bogordaeva . .

Significative Functions of Clothing in Traditional Rites of the Ob Ugrians

The article examines functions performed by clothing in traditional rites of Khanty and Mansi. Studying family rites, bear festival, sacrifice rites makes it possible to identify such significative functions of clothing of the Ob Ugrians as socializing, transforming, socio-differentiating, and magic ones.