Borisov V. A., Matveeva N. P., Chikunova I. Yu.

Experience of Studying Technological Properties and Functional Purpose with Respect to Pottery of the Sargatka Population of the Rafajlovo Archaeological Complex

The article describes the results of studying correlation between technological properties, physical-and-mechanical features, and functional purpose with respect to pottery of the Sargatka population of the Rafajlovo archaeological complex.


Ryabogina N. E., Orlova L. A.

The Late Holocene Peat-Bog of Gladilovsky Riam as Indicator of Changes in Paleoecological Condition of the Ishim Plain

The article represents the results of palinological and radicarbon studies with respect to the peat-bog of Gladilovsky Riam which has been reflecting paleolandscape conditions of the Ishim plain during 4000 years. The authors investigated a stratigraphic structure of the peat deposit as well as vertical distribution of pollen and spores. Detailed, chronologically confirmed (8 dates) reconstructions of local and subregional paleoecological conditions in the Late Holocene being obtained. The results could be applied under correlation with palinological materials obtained at archaeological sites.