Tobolsk Governorate Map of 1806: a sourse for searching Ermak’s grave or falsification of its author? 

Adamov À.À. (Tobol'sk, Russian Federation)


                   page 6571


This article is aimed at investigating the 1806 Map of Tobolsk Governorate, which has been presented to a wider research community relatively recently. This is a unique source indicating the exact location of the grave of Ermak (the first Russian conqueror of Siberia). On the «Plan of a location near the Irtysh river, the Vagay river and other lakes and rivers...», a provincial land surveyor V. Filimonov put a sign indicating a dry Siberian pine 10 yards from the tomb of Ermak. In an extensive text on the map, Filimonov in his own words outlined the details of G.F. Miller’s data referring to the last battle of Ermak and the details of his burial. This text was supplemented by information obtained from the local Tatar population. At the same time, as a conscientious researcher, he clearly delineated the narration of G.F. Miller’s works from the gathered data. In recent articles, I.V. Belich has made an  assumption that V. Filimonov forged the historic source by changing Miller’s text and unreasonably mapped the location of Ermak’s grave near Begishevî Yurts. However, a careful analysis of the explanatory text to the map has not confirmed this assumption. In addition, there is no proof for suppositions about Filimonov’s grabbing habit and the disclosure of the forgery back in the 19th century. Archaeological excavations conducted on the site of the alleged grave of Ermak have failed to confirm the statement that local residents just pointed to V. Filimonov at a medieval burial ground or the location of a revered tree. At the same time, the map analysis shows that it was drawn by a professional, who indicated Ermak’s burial place based on the information having been obtained from local residents. As any other historical source, this map undeniably requires a comprehensive re-examination and criticism. However, this should be a scientific criticism, rather than mere accusations against its author.


Key words: Map of Tobolsk Governorate of 1806, land surveyor V. Filimonov, Ermak’s grave, S.U. Remezov, G.F. Miller, Siberian Tartars.


DOI: 10.20874/2071-0437-2018-42-3-065-071




À.À. Adamov

Tobolsk Complex Scientific Station of the Ural Branch of the RAS, Àkad. Iu. Osipova st., 15, Tobol'sk, 626152, Russian Federation