Problems of training teachers for national schools in the Trans-Urals in 1930s1950s (on the example of the Tobolsky Tatar Pedagogical College)

Bakieva G.T. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


              page 184192


The article discusses the activities of the Tatar Pedagogical College, which was functioning in the city of Tobolsk in the 19341955 period. It was the only educational institution in the Urals, whose activity was aimed at training pedagogical personnel for Tatar primary and secondary schools. For the first time, based on materials from the archives of the city of Tobolsk and field research, an attempt was made to restore the picture of the organization of the educational process in the school. It is revealed that the school periodically encountered such problems as the shortage of teaching staff, insufficient provision of educational and methodological literature and inept leadership on the part of higher authorities. Despite all the difficulties, the school graduated qualified teachers every year. It is noted that the teaching of basic subjects was conducted in the school in the Tatar literary language, which was not native to the majority of students. The educational reforms in the USSR led to the gra-dual ousting of the Tatar language and culture from the content of general education, therefore in 1955 the Tatar Pedagogical College in Tobolsk was closed.


Key words: Tatar Pedagogical College, Tobolsk, elementary education, incomplete secondary schools, curricula, pedagogical practice, employment.


DOI: 10.20874/2071-0437-2018-43-4-184-192




G.T. Bakieva

Tyumen Scientific Centre of Siberian Branch RAS, Malygina st., 86, Tyumen, 625026, Russian Federation