Review of the catalog Ulchi from the collection of the Khabarovsk Regional Museum n.a. N.I. Grodekov  

Glebova E.V. (Moscow, Russian Federation)


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The article presents the analysis of the catalog Ulchi by the Khabarovsk Regional Museum n.a. N.I. Grodekov. The performance of the local museum is considered in the context of all-Russian experience of cataloging of the museum collections, which is of a particular importance for historical science. The author examines the program of scientific cataloging of the museum collections, featuring the traditional culture of almost all indigenous peoples of the Russian Far East. We conclude that the series of ethnographic catalogues of the museum has made a significant contribution to the Far East museum studies and ethnography. The new catalog Ulchi presents the largest ethnographic collection of the museum, which characterizes the material and spiritual culture of one of the eight indigenous populations of the Lower Amur River Region the Ulchi. The catalog includes 808 ethnographic artifacts household items, clothes, fishing and hunting equipment, items of ritual culture, shamanism and family relations of the Ulchi (19th21st c.). Specific sections include more than 300 photographs and negatives (19th20th c.), as well as detailed background information. Some artifacts, such as ritual sculptures, shaman clothing and attributes, utensils for ritual rites, ancient devices for fishing etc., are published for the first time. The catalog was prepared by a large team of authors involving Ulchi craftsmen and linguists. The catalog Ulchi introduces new materials into scientific discourse, and it can serve as a source for comparative ethnographic, historical and museum studies analysis. It has been emphasized that the newly published catalog of the Khabarovsk Regional Museum n.a. N.I. Grodekov allows representatives of this people to connect with their own cultural heritage; it contributes to the formation of their historical memory and identity.

Key words: the Lower Amur, Ulchi, traditional culture, scientific cataloging.

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Accepted: 02.03.2020

Article is published: 05.06.2020


Glebova E.V.

Theater Union of the Russian Federation, Strastnoy bulvar, 10, Moscow, 107031, Russian Federation

Institute of Ethnology and nthropology of the RAS, Leninsky prosp., 32A, Moscow, 119334, Russian Federation