Research carried out by S. Yurenev on the Mosque Kalyan, Bukhara, Uzbekistan 

Boltaev A.Kh. (Bukhara, Republic of Uzbekistan)


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This article describes S.N. Yurenev's archaeological findings in Bukhara city. The local archaeologist and geologist S.N. Yurenev started his archaeological research in 1952 with his study of the Mosque Kalyan (in Uzbek Masjidi Kalon Great Mosque) in Bukhara city, and has subsequently carried out further research on the Mosque Kalyan monument. In this study, S.N. Yurenev's interest in building history and construction technology is applied to the Mosque Kalyan. Nowadays S.N. Yurenevs article has been active up to now in the archaeological expeditions around the Mosque Kalyan and its surroundings. In the research, S.N. Yurenev pointed out the Special scientific and restoration, production workshop which managed the excavations works and gave the instructions to the expedition's final reports which was handed over by the organisation. This article demonstrates the variety of methods used by S.N. Yurenev in his archaeological research. During the expedition the material culture from different periods was recovered and analysed by professional archaeologists. In addition, he collected and analysed ethnographic research material. S.N. Yurenev has not previously published his investigation results, being under the impression that his work was not up to modern archaeological standards. In this article S.N. Yurenev's archaeological research is presented for the first time.

Key words: archaeology, shurf, sondage, foundation, mosque, madrasah, Special scientific and restoration, production workshop, dome, excavations.


DOI: 10.20874/2071-0437-2019-44-1-045-053


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Article is published 2.04.2019 .


A.Kh. Boltaev

Bukhara State University, Mukhammad Ikbol st., 11, Bukhara, 200118, Republic of Uzbekistan