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Sosnovoostrovskaya culture: identification of ceramics and the issues of chronology  page 517

Usacheva I.V. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


Metal complex of the Bronze Age from an Alakul burial ground (typology and manufacturing techniques)

Tigeeva E.V. (Tyumen, Russian Federation), Novikov I.K., Shilov S.N. (Kurgan, Russian Federation)


Ceramic complex of the end of the Bronze Age and the transition period to the Iron Age from the settlement of Borki 1 (based on the results of 20122013 works)  page 3347

Zakh V.A., Zimina O.Y., Ilyushina V.V. (Tyumen, Russian Federation), Danchenko E.M. (Salehard, Russian Federation),

Yenshin D.N. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


The transition period from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age on the territory of the Ishim river basin: results and problems
of study
page 4857

Kostomarova J.V. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


The earliest evidence of iron metallurgy in the Lower Ob river region (source: Ust-Polui excavations in 20102012)

Vodyasov E.V. (Tomsk, Russian Federation), Gusev An.V. (Salehard, Russian Federation)


Andreevskoie lake system (hydrology and use of natural resources according to archaeological and cartographic materials of the XVIIIXX centuries) page 6978

Zakh V.A. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)





Bioanthropological research of human skeletal remains from the Srubno-Alakul mound at Selivanovka II cemetery (Southern Trans-Urals) page 7989

Kufterin V.V., Nechvaloda A.I. (Ufa, Russian Federation)


Comprehensive study of the early Yakut Sergelyakh burial of the XV beginning of the XVI centuries page 90109

Bravina R.I., Dyakonov V.M., Nikolaev E.N., Petrov D.M., Syrovatskiy V.V. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation),

Bagashev A.N., Poshekhonova O.E., Slepchenko S.M., Razhev D.I., Alexeeva E.A. (Tyumen, Russian Federation),

Zubova A.V., Kuzmin Ya.V. (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)


Craniology and odontology of the Early Medieval population alongside the Tobol river, based on Ustyug-1 burial ground page 110122

Poshekhonova O.E. (Tyumen, Russian Federation), Zubova A.V. (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation), Sleptsova A.V. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)





Local communities of indigenous peoples of Yakutia: social status of the evens page 123132

Grigorev S.A. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation)


Education among the Siberian Tatars in 19181930: goals, problems, results (based on Tobolsk County) page 133142

Bakieva G.T. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


Samburg group of KomI: origin, history and ethno-cultural processes page 143154

Istomin K.V. (Syktyvkar, Russian Federation), Liskevich N.A. (Tyumen, Russian Federation), Sharapov V.E. (Syktyvkar, Russian Federation)


The role of The Village Day in preservation of historical memory of the Komi re-settlers in Western Siberia page 155161

Liskevich N.A., Masharipova A.H. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


Park on bones: mythologization of modern urban space in Siberian cities page 162169

Baiduzh M.I. (Moscow, Russian Federation)





Analysis of structural and textural features of forms of ancient farming and land survey, typical of the territory of Western Crimea based on remote sensing data page 170179

Terekhin E.A. (Belgorod, Russian Federation), Smekalova T.N. (Simferopol, Russian Federation)


Livestock handling conditions at the Bronze Age settlements in the Southern Trans-Urals (according to the analysis of pathological changes of the bone system) page 180187

Rassadnikov A.Yu. (Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation)