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(4)  2020                                                                               

Vestnik (4) 2020 (full text)




Characteristics of the Eneolithic funeral rite in the Tobol River region (the burial ground in the settlement of Ustyug-3)

page 516

Matveeva N.P., Suchilina N.Y. (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


Woodworking in the Bronze Age Southern Trans-Urals (the case study of the fortified settlement of Kamenny Ambar)  

page 1730

Koryakova L.N., Molchanov I.V. (Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation)


Cultural attribution vs radiocarbon chronology (on the example of materials from the Bronze Age burial ground of Shatmantamak I) page 3139

Epimakhov A.V. (Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation), Tairov A.D., Epimakhova M.G. (Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation)


Long barrow in the Menovnoe VI burial ground   page 4052

Tkachev .A.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


The First and the Second Regency excavations in Tobolsk   page 5362

Anoshko O.M.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


Vadniur I/7 the final Neolithic and Eneolithic site of the Vychegda River  page 6372

Karmanov V.N. (Syktyvkar, Russian Federation)


Pottery of the late 16th first quarter of the 18th c. from the Sofia yard of the Tobolsk Kremlin and the Upper town: comparative morphological analysis  page 7384

Zagvazdin E.P., Zagvazdina Ya.G. (Tobolsk, Russian Federation)


Palaeoecological reconstructions in the Tobol-Ishim interfluve: combination of on-site pollen data from cultural layers and off-site peatland records  page 8598

Ryabogina N.E., Yuzhanina E.D.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


Osteological complexes of the Bronze to Iron Age transitional period, and the Early Iron Age, in the hillfort of Maray 1 (Ishim River region)   page 99109

Tsembalyuk S.I. (Tyumen, Russian Federation), Kisagulov A.V., Nekrasov .. (Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation)


Archaelogy, genetics and history 15 years of research in Yakutia (20022017)   page 110119

Crubézy E. (Toulouse, France), Melnichuk O., Alexeev A. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation)


Frozen graves of Yakutia, a chronological sequence  page 120130

Duchesne S. (Paris, France), Bravina R. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation), Popov V. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation),
Kolodeznikov S.
(Tanda village, Ust-Aldan district, Russian Federation), Gérard P.
(Toulouse, France), Myglan V. (Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation),
Hochstrasser-Petit Ch.
(Toulouse, France), Romanova L. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation), Petit M. (Paris, France), Kirianov N. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation), Alexeev A.(Yakutsk, Russian Federation), Alekseeva L. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation), Riberon A. (Toulouse, France),
Crubézy E.
(Toulouse, France)


Yakut clothes of the 17th and 18th centuries, archaeology and restitution   page 131147

Hochstrasser-Petit Ch. (Toulouse, France), Romanova L. (Yakutsk, Russian Federation), Duchesne S. (Paris, France),
Melnichuk O.
(Yakutsk, Russian Federation) , Gérard P. (Toulouse, France)





Comparison of urban and rural groups of school-age children of the Tuva Republic according to Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in the context of transformation of traditional lifestyle    page 148160

Batsevich V.., Permiakova .Yu., Mashina D.., Yasina O.V., Khrustaleva O.V. (Moscow, Russian Federation)


The population of the medieval Plyos (based on archaeological excavations of the Varvara necropolis in Plyos, modern Ivanovo Region)   page 161170

Vasilyev S.V., Borutskaya S.B. (Moscow, Russian Federation), Averin V.A. (Ivanovo, Russian Federation), Frizen S.Yu. (Moscow, Russian Federation)


Dental characteristics of the Scythian time population of the Forest-Steppe Altai  page 171186

Leibova N.A. (Moscow, Russian Federation), Tur S.S. (Barnaul, Russian Federation)


Analysis of gilded teeth from the 11th13th c. burial in the Zmeyskiy cemetery (Republic of North Ossetia Alania)  page 187198

Frizen S.Yu., Vashchenkova E.S., Loboda A.Yu., Presnyakova N.N., Pozhidaev V.M., Retivov V.M., Tereschenko E.Yu. (Moscow, Russian Federation), Bakushev M.A. (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation), Vasiliev S.V., Yatsishina E.B. (Moscow, Russian Federation)





Colonisation models of remote taiga areas by Russian fur hunters and fishermen of the Middle and Lower Irtysh River region in the 20th century  page 199206

Adaev V.N.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


The bone version of the anthropomorphic model in the traditional worldview of the Turko-Mongols of Inner Asia: images, meaning, functions   page 207217

Sodnompilova M.M., Nanzatov B.Z. (Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation)


Post-urbanism and cold: geo-cultural images and representations of cultural landscapes of the Northern and Arctic cities   page 218227

Zamyatin D.N. (Moscow, Russian Federation)


Khatam-ash ritual: research experience and perspectives in the local Islamic context of the Tyumen Region 

page 228236

Cherepanov M.S.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


From the point of growth to a remote area: the socio-economic problems of the northern settlements page 237243

Liskevich N.A.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation), Porshunova L.S. (Khanty-Mansiysk, Russian Federation)


Anthropology of a city: organization, communication, information  page 244248

Ganopolsky M.G.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation)


Genius loci and/or city-forming enterprise: scientific centre as assemblage point (case study of the city of Apatity)  page 249256

Kliueva V.P.  (Tyumen, Russian Federation)