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Lychagina Ye.L., Poplevko G.N. Potential of integrated analysis of stone inventory (basing on excavation VI at Khutorskaya site)


Usacheva I.V. Semiotic status of ironings


Zakh V.A., Ilyushina V.V. Late Bronze burial ground of Chepkul 5 in Low Tobol area


Degtyareva A.D., Kostomarova Yu.V. Metal of Late Bronze Age in the forest and steppe Low Tobol area


Matveyev .V., Kostomarov V.M. The Pakhomovo antiquities of West Siberia


valevsky S. . To the question of Irmen cultural-and-historical community


Nesterova .S., Tkachev Al.Al. Hearth devices in the structure of the Pakhomovo culture settlement complexes


Bersenyeva N.A. Female burials containing weapons: life realities or reflection of social identity? (after materials of the Sargatka culture)


Tkachev A.A., Voloshin V.S. Single burials of Early Iron Age in the basin of the Nura river


Vizgalov G.P., Kardash O.V. The Ostyak manor house in Beryozovo posad of XVIII century (after archaeological investigations in 2008)


Pastushenko I.Yu. A Khoresm bowl from Verkh-Sainsky burial ground




Razhev D.I., Rykoun M.P., Svyatova Ye.O. Stomatological health of the medieval population in West Siberan forest zone


Khokhlov A.A. To the question of origin of the Eneolithic population from Low Kama area


Rykoun .P., Kravchenko G.G., Kravchenko D.G. Interdisciplinary studies of ethnocultural processes in North Eurasia (on the basis of anthropological data and GIS technology)


Ethnography and ethnic history


Bogordayeva .. Image details of Samsaj-ojka a domestic spirit-the-protector with North Mansi


Tadina N.A. Picture of the world as the basis of communicative culture with the Altai peoples


Kvashnin Yu.N. Komi toponymy in the North of West Siberia. To the question of settlement boundaries of Komi-Izhemtsy


Turov S.V. Ecological aspects of traditional forest activities with old residents (Russians, Komi) in Obdorsk region  (second half of XIX first third of century)


Yermakova Ye.Ye., Liskevich N.A. Sacral geography of Izhemtsy from Low Ob area


Masharipova .Kh. Marital status with komi population from Yalutorovsk district Tobolsk region in XIX early XX century


Bakieva G.T. Modern socio-demographic and ethno-cultural processes with Tobol and Irtysh Tartars


Mavlyutova Z.Sh. Struggle of the Soviet power with religious consciousness of the Transural population in the 1920s


Bajdouzh .I. History of studies regarding city superstitions in the second half of XIX early XXI century


Ganopolsky M.G., Fedorov R.Yu. On the way to oil and gas civilization (the experience of historical and geographic reconstruction)


zlova .., zlov .I., Shilov .B. Egalitarianism and stratification in communities of native Northern peoples




Zakh .., Zimina .Yu., Ryabogina N.Ye. Radiocarbon dates from archaeological and natural complexes in Low Tobol and Ishym areas (after materials of Tobol and Ishym expedition by Institute of Northern Development Siberian Division of Russian Academy of sciences)