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   Instructions for authors                                                                                                

The Bulletin contains theoretical, research and informative articles on issues of archaeology, anthropology, history, ethnography, paleoecology and related disciplines based on materials of the Tyumen region, West Siberia, Urals and neighboring regions from the Eneolithic up to the Middle Ages inclusive. The main sections of the journal: Archaeology, Anthropology, Ethnography include both analytical works and papers representing detailed publications on particular archaeological sites, anthropological series, ethnographic collections.

1. The manuscript will be sent to the editors by email ( in a single file, Word, entitled by the name of the author, as well as additional files with illustrations.

The manuscript should include:

a) information about the author (s) of articles: name (in full); place of work; address of the institution: street, house number, city, postal code; e-mail; phone;

b) article title;

c) summary, in which must be clearly defined objectives, main position and results (up to 2000-2500 characters);

d) keywords;

e) the main text. It is recommended to allocate the purpose; a technique or methodology of research if there is a certain novelty or originality; results; main conclusions;

f) bibliography;

g) illustrations and figure captions inserted in the text after the references to the figures. Illustrations are available in graphic files, preferably in vector format, in a single layer, with a resolution higher than 300 dpi;

h) list of abbreviations.

At the end of the manuscript should be submitted in English:

names of authors;

author affiliation;

address of the organization;


title of article;

summary (2000-2500 characters with spaces);


2. The response forwards to the author after reading a manuscript and assess its compliance with the requirements of journal. It informed in response about the possibility and timing of the publication or a reasoned refusal. Editorial forwards review to author during 2-3 weeks after the outside and internal peer review. Authors of accepted articles and the chief editor signed a license agreement to publish.

3. The total volume of the manuscript (including the main text, tables, illustrations, bibliography, transliteration) shall not exceed 40 000 units for major sections and 12 000 units for sections "Reviews" and "Chronicle". The article should not contain more than 4-5 illustrations. One illustration of the size of 160×225 mm is equal to 5 000 units.

4. Manuscripts of over 40 000 units, as well as with disorders of requirements are not considered.

5. All pages of the manuscript should be numbered.

6. Not allowed:

producing tabs;

highlight words discharge (between words, characters should be one space);

make compulsory transfers, use macros.

7. The illustrations can be graphics (drawings, diagrams, etc.), photography, as well as graphs, charts. The position numbers in the figures should be italicized.

All attached illustrations should have a total numbering in the order of their location in the text (Fig. 1, 2, 3, and so on).

The figure captions need to decode all the symbols in the illustrations.

8. Tables should be presented without gaps during the transition from one page to another. All tables should have a common numbering in Arabic numerals and a title.

9. Footnotes to the text of the article should be placed at the bottom of the relevant pages. The footnote numbering sequentially, Arabic numerals.

10. The bibliographic list is given in alphabetical order. Proceedings of the author are arranged in chronological order, and published in the same year, adding to the year of publication of Latin letters: a, b, c, d, etc.

References to the literature are given in the text of the manuscript in square brackets in alphabetical order.

Should follow the this order of descriptions of books, articles and reports when making a bibliography (authors name typed in italics):


Budd P. Alloying and metallworking in the copper age of Central Europe // Bull. of the Metals Museum. Sendai, 1992. Vol. 17. P. 314.

Radivojevic M., Rehren T., Pernicka E. et al. On the origins of extractive metallurgy: New evidence from Europe // Journ. of Archaeol. Science. 2010. 37. P. 27752787.


Fee for publishing articles will not be charged

The text should be carefully checked and signed by each of the authors.

The mailing address of the editorial board:

Tyumen, Russia, 625003, postbox 2774

Phone. (345-2) 22-93-60; 68-87-68.