Vestnik arheologii, antropologii i etnografii

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Вестник археологии, антропологии и этнографии

(6)  2006                                                                             



Zakh V. A. Ornamental Traditions in West Siberia


Usacheva I. V. "Utyuzhki" in Eurasian Cultures


Zakh V. A., Skochina S. N., Parkhimovich S. G. The Earth Burial Ground of chepkul 21 Northward of the andreevsky Lake System


Serikov Yu. B. Flints and Their Use by the Uralian Population


Zimina O. Yu., Zakh V.A., Skochina S. N., Kolmogorov P. A., Galkin V. T., Anoshko O. M. The Fortified Settlement of Cheganovo 3 Site in the Low Tobol Basin


Matveev A.V., Anoshko O. M., Agisheva O. S. Investigation Results with Regard to Zavodoukovsk 9 Habitation Site


Chikunova I. Yu. Results and Problems in Investigating Kashino Culture


Mets F. I. On Rich Celtic Cemetery of the Mid-6thc. BC in Hochdorf, Germany


Matveeva N. P., Rafikova T. N. New Data on Yudino Culture (Basing on the Material from Krivolukovo Fortified)


Degtyareva A. D. Methods of Surface Investigation of Non-Ferrous Metals



Solodovnikov K. N. Paleoanthropological Material from the Andronovo Cemetery of Firsovo-XIV in the Light of development of the Upper Ob  Population During the Bronze Age


Razhev D. I., Courteau P., Zaitseva O. V. Non-Mound Birial from the Sopinino Necropolis in Terms of Field Anthropology


History and Ethnography


Belich I. V. On Religious Wars by the Disciples of Bagahuddin Sheikh against West Siberian Pagans (To the Centenary of the Tobolsk Museum Manuscript Copies Published by N. F. Katanov)


Konev A. Yu. Shert'-Taking Records and Oaths of Siberian "Non-Russians" in the Late 16th–18th cc.


Buzmakova O. G. Judical Reform of 1896 in Siberia: Judgements by the public


Golikova S. V. Demographic Potential of Rural Household in Transurals (Illustrated with Baklanovo Volost, Shadrinsk Uyezd in the Late 18th c.)


Chumak Ye. G. Process of Development of the Written Language and Writing of the native Text-books in Khanty-Mansi Nationak Region in the 1920–1950s


Kvashnin Yu. N. Reindeer Breeding among the Siberian Tundra Nenets


Povod N. A. Reindeer Breeding among the Komi-Izhma people from North Transurals  (Second Half of the 19th c. — Early 20th c.)


Volzhanina Ye. A. Today's Structure of Mixed Marriages among the Nenets from Yamal-Nenets National Region



Laukhin C. A., San'ko A. F., Velichkevich F. Yu., Shilova G. N. Paleogeography of the Razantsevo Time in the Central Parts of Middle Siberia


Maksimov Ye. V. Where Could We Find Our Sources? (On the Anomalous Area on the Shelf of the Barents Sea in the Last Ice-age)  


Valdaiskikh V. V., Matveeva N. P., Poskedov A.V., Chikunova I. Yu. Investigation of the AntropicDisturbed Soils with to the Sites of Kolovo Fortified Settlement and Kolovo-4 Habitation Site