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Zakh V.A. Time history of settling on the territory of forest Tobol-and-Ishim basin in Holocene


Kuzminykh S.V., Degtyareva A.D., Denisov V.P. Metal working of the Garino culture from the Upper and Middle Kama basin (on the evidence of analytical study)


Panteleyeva S.Ye. Complex of the Sintashta pottery from the fortified settlement of Kamenny Ambar: a typological analyisis


Kostomarova Yu.V. Economic and industrial activity of the Fyodorovo population from the Low Tobol basin (basing on comprehensive analysis of the implements)


Rafikova T.N., Berlina S.V., Kajdalov A.I., Sechko Ye.A. Fortifications of the early and developed Middle Ages in the forest-steppe and sub-taiga Trans Urals


Dubovtseva Ye.N. Ornamental traditions of Ural-West Siberian region (an experience of experimental modeling)





Buzhilova A.P., Batsevich V.A., Berdiyeva A.Yu., Zorina D.Yu., Yasina O.V. Rating of interrelation between morphological features and concentration of microelements with modern representatives of the Arctic adaptive type


Pererva Ye.V. Paleopathology: from the experience of foreign and domestic studies to the history of studying ancient people in the Low Volga basin


Khudaverdyan A.Yu., Devedjan S.G., Yeganyan L.G. Methods of treating dead bodies at the sites of Shirakavan and Lory Berd (Armenia) (after paleoanthropological data)





Ushnitsky V.V. Ethnonyms of sakha and yakut: historiography and ethnogenetic aspects


Volzhanina Ye.A. Influence of localities upon traditional nomadic routes of the Yamal Nenetz in the first third of XX c.


Berezhnova M.L., Kabakova N.V., Korusenko S.N. The dozor book of 1701 from the Tara uyezd as an ethnographical source of the peoples from the Tara Irtysh basin


Kolomiyets O.P. The initial data from the Circumpolar census as an ethnographical source in studying a traditional culture of the native peoples of the Russian North-East


Tatarnikova A.I. What does a non-Russian smell?: A sanitary-and-hygienic culture of the aboriginal population from Tobolsk province in the second half of the XIX c. (according to Siberian press data)


Agapov M.G., Korandej F.S. University intellectual communities: interactive rites and assembly models





Borisov A.V., Peters S., Chernyshova Ye.V., Korobov L.S., Reinhold S. Chemical and microbiological properties of cultural layers with regard to settlements of the Koban culture (XIIIIX cc. BC) in the vicinity of Kislovodsk


Sergusheva Ye.A. Dynamics of agriculture in the late Neolithic of Primorye according to archaebotanical data





Fyodorova N.V. Controversial questions regarding historical ecology of the population from West Siberian North. A review. Historical ecology of the population from West Siberian North / G.P. Vizgalov [et al.]; ed. by P.A. Kosintsev