Vestnik arheologii, antropologii i etnografii

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Вестник археологии, антропологии и этнографии

(4)  2004                                                                             



Stasyuk I. V., Akimova E. V., Tomilova E. A., Laukhin S. A., Sanko A. F., Tikhomirov M. Yu., Makhlaeva J. M.  Paleolithic Sites of the Derbina Archaeological Zone (the Krasnoyarsk Water-Reservoir)


Stasyuk I. V., Akimova E. V., Tomilova E. A., Sanko A. F., Laukhin S. A. The Late Paleolithic Site of Derbina V at the Krasnoyarsk Water-Reservoir


Zakh V. A. The Shapkulsky Complexes and Ceramics with Comb-and-Pit and Coarsely Pricked Out Ornament from the Lower Tobol Basin


Zakh V. A., Skochina S. N. Settlement of Mergen 3


Volkov E. N. Eneolithic Complex at the Settlement of Dvukhozernoye-1


Degtyareva A. D., Shuvaeva O. V. Chemical-and Metallurgic Properties of Copper Implements in the Yam Culture of the South Lower Urals Basin

Titova M. V., Sumin V. A. Discovery of the Samussky Burial Ground in the Krokhalevka Archaeological Micro-Zone


Yevdokimov V. V., Tkachev A. A., Tkacheva N. A. The Bronze Age Burial Ground of Bozengen — a Site of the Nurtajsky Type


Yepimakhov A. V., Yepimakhova M. G. The Settlement of Kamennaya Rechka III at the Uj River (Issues of Cultural Attribution on the Late Bronze Sites)


Shamshin A. B., Izotkin S. L., Sitnikov S. M. Settlement of Zharkovo-1


Troitskaya T. N., Shishkin A. S. On Certain Cases of Animal Burials in the Novosibirsk Lower Ob Basin


Chikunova I. Yu. Spinning Wheels from the Settlement of Rafajlovo as a Source of Studying Spinning Craft among the Sargatka People


Malinovsky V. B. Arrows from the Zarechno-Ubinsky Burial Ground

Anthropology and Paleo-Demography


Karacharov K. G., Razhev D. I. Scalping Tradition in West Siberian North During the Middle Ages


Ryikun M. P. Craniological Materials from the Kamenrf Culture Burial Ground of Novotroitskoye-1


Matveeva N. P. Certain Paleodemographic Features of the Kamenka Culture in the Forest-Steppe Lower Ob Basin




Lar L. A. Yamal Khaebyidya Ya” — Sacred Places in Yamal


Povod N. A.  Initial Development Stage of the Northern upper Urals Basin by the Komi-Izhemtsy bazed on the Church Registers of the Beryozovo Okrug (late 1830s — early 1860s)


Bogordaeva А. А. Significative Functions of Clothing in Traditional Rites of the Ob Ugrians



Borisov V. A., Matveeva N. P., Chikunova I. Yu. Experience of Studying Technological Properties and Functional Purpose with Respect to Pottery of the Sargatka Population of the Rafajlovo Archaeological Complex


Ryabogina N. E., Orlova L. A. The Late Holocene Peat-Bog of Gladilovsky Riam as Indicator of Changes in Paleoecological Condition of the Ishim Plain